Coated paper bags PE,PP,PE + aluminum

Product description:

Made from special paper coated with polypropylene, polyethylene or aluminum foil and polyethylene. Prevents possible soaking of the packaging and when using aluminum it protects products from loosing temperature. This packaging is manufactured based on new technologies and with use of special equipment which makes the bag leak proof.

Sulfate paper , density from 35 + 15 g/m²  do 55 g/m², 
Polyethylene, polypropylene coated paper or polyethylene coated with aluminum foil.


We produce mostly food bags in these sizes:
- chicken:
folded - 15 x 8 x 25cm, 18 x 6 x 32cm, 24 x 6,5 x 40cm,
flat - 24 x 23cm, 24 x 31cm


- 100% resistance to soaking (for coated paper)
- thermal isolation (for paper coated with aluminum)
- made from products approved for contact with food
- practical product due to material used
- possible individual print up to 6 colors

Plastic bag with 2000 pcs.
Collective pack.